On the Horse Front

Two Year Olds 

Jim has both Showman and Belle broken-in and will be riding them again shortly. 


Showgirl, Forty and Ice are back in being handled.

They are growing out well and starting to lose their winter coats.

New Arrivals

Cora and Fancy are now leading and strated their handling program.



Roxy is back to go in foal to Bud again after the success of the cross last year,

producing Cash (a handy colt check out the Foal page) 



Natans Spotted Bandit has recently been been sold.

Laura's young gelding Finn has found himself a new home down Sydney way.



 Natans Fancy Sox (pending) 15th August 2011

Sire: CC Sunrice Acres                     Dam: Silde-n-Sox


Photo at 5 months.

Has now been weaned.



PHAA 12182 

Photo taken at 5 months.

Now been weaned.



Photo taken at 3 months.

Will be weaned in April. 



In other news Natans Rain has been broken in and going well.

Natans Showman and Natans Joesie Belle will be broken in during April. 

The Latest Arrivals 


NATANS FORTUNATE ACRES (pending) 12/11/10

Acres Showdown PHAA

CC Sunrise Acres PHAA 9837

Sonitas Tivoletta Q


Natans Bandit PHAA

Natans Spotted Bandit PHAA 8709

Traveller Joesie PHAA 


Dakota owner is so impressed with the result she got from this cross she has brought Gretel back to Bud again this year. 

 Nevellan Dakota (pending) 9/11/2010

Acres Showdown PHAA

CC Sunrise Acres PHAA 9837

Sonitas Tivolette Q


Duster Glo (imp)

Nevellan Gretel Q 25851

Willow Park Cocoa Q-R1



October we had a wedding. Daniel and Laura exchanged vows on 20/10/2010. Laura had one wish, and that was to have her photo taken with her horses. Of course. 

 And Dan wanted a photo with his ute.

To top it off we have a baby due in June. October turned out to be a extra wonderful month. 



YAY and before the Wedding!!!! 

Mr No-Name (Roger) 

Tobero Colt

DOB: 2/10/2010 (Finally)

Sire: Huslers Man O War

Dam: Madiens Peak (Halley) 


Bailey's Dream (Pending)

Tobiano Colt

DOB: 27 September 2010

Sire: CC Sunrise Acres

Dam: Jay-Ell War Lace

Photo taken at 2 days old.

Bailey had a bit of a rough start to life, but he is proving what a fighter he is and improving each day.



DOB: 24 September 2010

Sire: SC Showdown

Dam: Natans Gem 

Showing Sabino markings

Photos taken at 4hrs old



Georgie's Girl (Pending)


Tobero Filly

DOB: 17th September 2010

Sire: CC Sunrise Acres

Dam: Natans Melody 

Owners Fred and Jo Deiri are very happy with this stunning little filly.


Photo taken at 1 day old 

DOB: 12/8/2010

Sire: SC Showdown

Dam: Slide 'N' Sox 




Q Tee Ruby Acres (Pending)

Sire: CC Sunrise Acres PHAA 9837

Dam: Q Tee PHAA 7983



Buds first foal for the season a solid bay filly.

Sire: CC Sunrise Acres

Dam: Flicker (un-registered)

Around the Grounds 


 Natans Dun Sliden (Dude) is now registered with the APHA.


 Tammy and Dude are back into training for the 2011/2012 show season.




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